The fragrance SEVEN is the perfume of the destiny figure 7.

The characteristic of this figure is contemplation.

The person who has the destiny figure 7 is an independent, enigmatic, perfectionist, balanced being, with analytical thinking and extraordinary concentration power, born to express the “art of being your own true self”.

This person is intuitive, with special psychic capacities.

Mental clarity, refined intelligence and observation power are the ingredients necessary for the success of the person born with the destiny figure 7.

The fragrance SEVEN is a profound, insinuating perfume, with fresh and tonic notes.

This fragrance highlights uniqueness, complexity and sophistication in a person born with the destiny figure 7.

Base notes are:

  • Japanese cedar
  • Tonka nut
  • notes of aquatic foam
  • musk accords
  • bouquet of wooden notes

Middle notes are:

  • neroli
  • ivy
  • cinnamon
  • marine notes
  • bamboo

Top notes are:

  • bergamot
  • freesia
  • notes of freshly cut flowers
  • physalis (fruit)
  • green tea
  • fern

This perfume can be worn at any time of the day, midday being the time of its maximal amplitude. During the warm season, it is cool like the shadow of trees, while during the cold season it emanates warmth.

The perfume activates evolution and the link with God.

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