Orthomolecular osmology

Orthomolecular osmology gives us the possibility to understand olfactory perception and, moreover, to decipher the choices we have when it comes to expressing our personality.

The first impact of the environment, habitual or human for that matter, is the olfactory one. And the first impression is formed based on the olfactory, visual and emotional information that the brain passes via a subconscious filter and afterwards transmits global information to the conscious. The visual image has been a dominant concern of modern man and, with evolution on the human scale, the concern for knowledge, sensation and existence has become the beginning of initiation. The people who, following the experience they lived, have gained wisdom, became aware that ignoring their own identity is the beginning of cancelling their own existence. We all want to have the right to exist as we are and as we choose to be. As many people are on earth, so many perfumes could be created!

Nowadays, the art of creating a perfume, of choosing a perfume, of wearing a perfume can be acquired, and personal choice is the core of this creation.

We wear a perfume for ourselves, but for those around us as well, as our own appreciation and the appreciation of those around us are dominant when choosing a perfume.

The right perfume is, first and foremost, the one that is liked by the person who chooses it and wears it, as a perfume is the invisible apparel we wear every second.

Some other aspects are also important when choosing a perfume, namely: the complexion type, the epidermis’s pH, personality, behaviour, the time of the day when it is being worn, the social, professional and cultural contexts, the climate.

A perfume can have an initiating, metamorphotic and ritualistic role. We choose a perfume for ourselves, for the others as a sign of social recognition or for ourselves and for the others alike.

osmologie ortomoleculara