The fragrance NINE is the perfume of the destiny figure 9.

The characteristic of this figure is altruism.

The person who has the destiny figure 9 is noble, active, enthusiastic clairvoyant being, born to change the history of mankind. This person believes in a better world and has an ample outlook upon life.

Philanthropy, humanism and social consciousness are defining for persons with the destiny figure 9.

The fragrance Nine is an oriental, spicy perfume, with a surprising evolution due to the notes that determine perfection and harmony displaying themselves.

Base notes are:

  • sandal wood
  • oriental amber
  • castoreum
  • musk
  • Tonka nut

Middle notes are:

  • magnolia
  • wild rose
  • yellow daffodil
  • licorice
  • fruity notes
  • cinnamon

Top notes are:

  • lotus
  • sweet tangerine
  • black berries (fruit)
  • bergamot (fruit)
  • white pears
  • freesia

It can be worn at any time of the day but it is best amplified during the evening, being a sacred perfume. During the warm season it is attractive, while during the cold season the vital note of extracts is amplified.

The perfume activates existential awareness and spiritual hierarchies.

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