Happiness is the mood when the soul is intensely and totally content.
Happiness is beatitude.

You must have seen at least once in your life a happy person, so it is
impossible that you do not know what happiness looks like.

Please imagine happiness!

And now, your meeting with the Happiness perfume is easy.

The fragrance Happiness is a warm, vibrant, ample, attractive, balanced
perfume. It can be worn by a person who feels happy or wants to be happy.
Vegetal notes of fresh grass, moss, wooden notes and “Air de Provence”,
floral notes of rose buds, may lily, lime, fruit notes, black currants, lychee,
all supported by sandal wood, green amber, almonds and vanilla, this is the
aura of the perfume Happiness.

From the secrets of creation:

“In order to create happiness, dear being, I must imagine what makes you
happy. Numberless possibilities of the manifestation of happiness cross my
mind, I almost touch happiness, your happiness materializes in your smile,
in your bright eyes, in your touch. We can feel, we can see happiness. I can
feel your happiness when you are successful, when somebody offers you
something you were longing to have, when you are in love and are loved.

And here is happiness:

Top notes:

  • fresh grass notes
  • rose buds
  • black currant
  • lychee (fruit)

Middle notes:

  • lime
  • may lily
  • fruit notes
  • Air de Provence notes

Base notes:

  • almonds
  • vanilla
  • vetiver
  • green amber
  • moss notes
  • sandal wood

I wish you live a happy life!”

parfum gama golden