Gentleness, kindness, decency, benevolence, these are the attributes of a
human being who has the capacity to do good. To favour goodness, to be a
good person are human treasures that cannot be priced.

What does a good person look like? What would a good person tell me? This
was the start of creating Kindness.

The perfume Kindness is affectionate, discrete, profound, dynamic.

The melange wood- amber, floral- fruit opens the Kindness coffer of
memories of which the innocence of childhood and the enthusiasm of
adolescence are present here .

From the secrets of creation:
“Each wonderful memory has in its core a good person who gave me so
much! When I received something and that something was surrounded by
kindness, benevolence, my joy was immense, and when I gave something and gave it with pleasure, it was the beginning of knowing goodness. My
grandmother’s smile, my father’s protective hand, my mother’s care, the
emotion of each moment of love, my friends’ cheerfulness, all helped me to
be a better being. And here are gentleness and kindness:

Top notes:

  • wild lavender
  • green bergamot
  • English tea
  • physalis (fruit)
  • lychee (fruit)

Middle notes:

  • pomegranate flower
  • peony (petals)
  • honeysuckle
  • gardenia
  • neroli

Base notes:

  • cedar
  • oriental amber
  • wood frothing notes
  • wooden bouquet

Dear being, I wish you meet much, much kindness!”

parfum gama golden