Wisdom is the superior capacity to know and understand life.

As years elapse, it is but normal for us to accumulate wisdom, since
experience is the mother of wisdom.

Wisdom is the aura given by time to a cultivated intellect, accompanied by
spiritual and emotional wealth. Considering ancestral relation, the human
being has a natural way of being in this earthly condition, while wisdom is
wanted by every being that has conscience activated.

Wisdom exists and waits to be discovered by each being, but each road to
wisdom is an individual road.

Wisdom is a polished, profound, warm fragrance, with character. Fresh
grass, wild plants, exotic flowers, wild fruits, oriental wood are the alchemic ingredients that create the spice of the perfume Wisdom.

From the secrets of creation:
“In my childhood, I used to admire special people and I was wandering
what makes them special. I have been attracted by people who know who
they are, by people who know what they do, by balanced people, people who live every moment, people who were, are and will be yesterday, today and tomorrow upright, honest, present people, in one word, by real people. And it was like this that I met wisdom.

Then I learnt and still am learning what wisdom is with each relation, with
each action, each emotion, with each discovery.

Here is my recipe for Wisdom:

Top notes:

  • lotus
  • fresh grass notes
  • wild geranium
  • wild lavender
  • black berry (fruit)

Middle notes:

  • wild rose
  • peony
  • honeysuckle
  • tiara (flower)
  • complex fruit notes

Base notes:

  • tuberose
  • sandal wood
  • cedar
  • amber

Dear being, I wish you be wise every moment of your life!”

parfum gama golden