Light allows us to see the world around us, light permits life to exist, light is the one that, on earth, models and triggers an immensity of reactions in the
world. From very old times, light has been the centre of mankind’s existence.

An enlightened being spreads around her joy, gaiety. An enlightened being
has knowledge, total experiences and connects with everything around
him/her. When the sun rises, each molecule in our being awakens, plants
start their photosynthetic engine and any form having the vital spirit enters
an active stage of his/her existence.

Lightness is a dynamic, attractive, vibrant, vitalizing perfume.
Flowers and fruits, tobacco notes and notes from Provence, floral musk,
wood and roots, all contribute to emitting olfactive light.

From the secrets of creation:
“A sun ray shines on my hand lying on the sheets; I feel its mild, playful
warmth. Then I open my eyes and…..Every morning I meet light again, the
light of the sun, the light in the eyes of the being lying next to me, so dear to
me, the light on the face of happy beings. It is the light which created Lightness.

Lightness is extracted from

  • lotus
  • black berry
  • green tea
  • green bergamot


  • lilac
  • hyacinth
  • fig (leaves, flowers and fruit)
  • tobacco notes
  • “Air de Provence“ note

And in the end:

  • floral musk
  • sandal wood
  • vanilla
  • notes of dried fruit
  • vetiver root

Dear being, may you live an enlightened life!”

parfum gama golden