Whole, complete, perfect. The soul of each being aspires toward wholeness.

From the smallest particle in matter to the greatest material form that exists, everything is in harmony, everything makes sense. The human being has the most complex existence and hence a multitude of forms of completion.

From the first to the last emotion, everything is a symphony. The instrument which makes the soul vibrate is different form one moment to the other, from one being to the other. Perfection, integrity, completion, faultlessness are the meaning of existence.

All is an ingenuous perfume and at the same time it is ample, profound,
persistent, alive, a fragrance you cannot ignore.

The fragrance of floral scents, an olfactive bouquet made up of freesia,
gardenia, hyacinth, may lily, rose petals, fleur de lis, pomegranate flower,
lilac and lime, powdered with moss, vetiver and patchouli, completed by
white pears, green bergamot, lychee and English tea.

From the secrets of creation:
“I have always wanted all, half measures did never exist for me. All when it
comes to my profession, all when it comes to love, all when it comes to life.
Treason before myself was for me every minute when I did not do all I could, all I knew, all I felt. My internal guide has been all, so I discovered ecstasy and abyss, happiness and completion.

Here is All

Top notes:

  • freesia
  • English tea
  • green bergamot
  • white pears
  • lychee

Middle notes:

  • gardenia
  • pomegranate flower
  • hyacinth
  • may lily
  • lime
  • rose petals

Base notes:

  • fleur de lis
  • lilac
  • vetiver
  • moss
  • patchouli

Dear being, may all come to you naturally and completely!

parfum gama golden