Life is a gift.

Life is a mystery we live.

Life is an accumulation of physical, chemical, mechanical, biological,
mental, emotional and spiritual phenomena which characterise a being.

Life is also beings’ social and cultural expansion.

Life under its earthly form has numberless aspects.

You can enjoy life, you live life, you can give the gift of life but, above all,
life is given to you as a gift.

Life is a live, joyful, tonic, attractive, warm, metamorphotic perfume.

Exotic floral, deliciously citric, ambered wooden notes are praise to life.

From the secrets of creation:
“I am very attracted by life, everything that is alive fascinates me. I could
research life for ever and ever. Life has so many facets that I need more than one life to know and live it. Biblically speaking, man’s life started with the first breath, created matter was given the soul of life. All that exists has life.

If I were to choose one word to define me, it would be LIFE.

Life has

  • apple
  • green leaf notes
  • sap notes
  • lotus
  • sweet tangerine


  • bamboo
  • pomegranate flowers
  • gardenia
  • fig (leaves, flowers and fruit)
  • lime
  • peony

And at the end:

  • almond
  • amber
  • vetiver
  • cedar

Dear being, enjoy every moment of your life!”