Frankincense – essence of the soul

“Let my prayer be set forth before you as incense” – psalm 140
Frankincense, the symbol of prayer and of good deeds, is one of the most
precious gifts we can bring before God and before all the souls of those we

From the secrets of creation:
“A few days before I turned 33, the wish to go to Jerusalem took shape in my mind and soul. When you want something from the bottom of your heart,
your wish comes true. In the morning of my birthday, I was entering – by the Damascus Gate – the Old City and, a few minutes later, I was looking at the Anointing Stone. The incense scent was enveloping me and making me ascend at the same time. In the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, my soul and frankincense became one.

Dear being, bear the essence of the soul in your soul”.

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