The fragrance ONE is the perfume of the destiny figure 1.

The characteristic of this figure is leadership.

The person who has the destiny figure 1 is a dynamic, creative, independent, enthusiastic being, born to be a leader.

In his/her family, this person undertakes the responsibility of being protective and cautious with those he/she loves.

Singularity, freedom and pioneerdom are the ingredients of success for those with the destiny figure 1.

The fragrance One is an oriental, strong, dynamic perfume with a surprising evolution due to the notes that determine its kind but at the same time imposing character.

Base notes are:

  • sandalwood
  • amber
  • Japanese cedar
  • musk
  • chocolate

Middle notes are:

  • honeysuckle
  • magnolia
  • ylang ylang (flower)
  • fruity notes
  • oriental rose
  • may lily (root)

Top notes are:

  • lotus
  • white peach
  • bitter lemon
  • grapefruit
  • wild lavender
  • notes of fresh grass

It can be worn at any time of the day, but it is best amplified in the morning, being a solar fragrance.

During the warm season, it is voluptuous, while during the cold season the
gourmand note of extracts is amplified.

This perfume activates thinking and universal love.

parfum gama basic