The fragrance FOUR is the perfume of the destiny figure 4.

The characteristic of this figure is completion.

The person who has the destiny figure 4 is a rational, responsible, profound, persevering being, with practical spirit, born to materialize ideas. This person is loyal to those he/she loves and can express himself/herself excellently if his/her own responsibilities are clearly defined.

Passion for work, mental clarity and will are the qualities appreciated in persons who have the destiny figure 4.

The fragrance Four is a woody oriental, well-defined, warm perfume, with a surprising evolution due to the notes that determine its protective but also firm character.

Base notes are:

  • fleur de lis
  • ambrein
  • sandal wood
  • musk
  • accord of woody notes

Middle notes are:

  • honeysuckle
  • lime
  • ylang ylang (flower)
  • orange jasmine
  • gardenia
  • wild rose

Top notes are:

  • green tea
  • black berries
  • orange
  • green bergamot
  • white pears
  • freesia
  • accord of green notes

This fragrance can be worn at any time of the day, midday being the time of its maximal amplitude. During the warm season it is friendly, while during the cold season it is an exceptional olfactive support.

This perfume activates compassion and the spirit of wisdom.

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