The fragrance FIVE is the perfume of the destiny figure 5.

The characteristic of this figure is freedom.

The person who has the destiny figure 5 is a spontaneous, lively, curious, talented being, with a spirit for adventure, born to travel and make numerous transactions. This person has a dynamic intelligence seen in his/her limitless wish to know.

His/her winner attitude, his/her ability to motivate others, his/her oratorical talent are the grounds for the success of those who have the destiny figure 5.

The fragrance Five is a fresh, dynamic, provocative perfume, with a surprising evolution due to the fougere accent which determines its active and at the same time insidious feature.

Base notes are:

  • vanilla
  • vetiver (root)
  • white musk
  • bark notes
  • twig notes

Middle notes are:

  • bamboo
  • fig (leaves and fruit)
  • wild jasmine
  • neroli
  • Air de Provence vegetal notes
  • marine notes

Top notes are:

  • orange flowers
  • tangerine
  • physalis (fruit)
  • bitter lemon
  • bergamot
  • mint

This fragrance can be worn at any time of the day, but the morning is the time of its maximal amplitude. During the warm season it is a feast of freshness and vitality, while during the cold season it brings warm memories to mind.

The perfume activates action and the spirit of movement.

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